​​As noted in our Mission Statement, MicroCogen Partners was formed to promote the use and deployment of small scale cogeneration or as it’s commonly known as microcogeneration. Other descriptors: microcogen, mCHP, and MChp - they all apply to the same technology - cogeneration of less than 50kW(electric). We explain what that means further into our site. MicroCogen Partners LLC is technology independent and has a vast knowledge of the markets in North America. We are not salesmen in the sense of the word to sell one product line or specific cogen product. What we “sell” is the understanding and application awareness of this new and exciting technology and work with the type of organizations listed above to further their acceptance of small scale cogeneration.

​If this is the case, who are our markets and how do you help them? Simply put, we will work with anyone who is interested in learning more about this technology, and/or how their product can fit into the energy market.

Please take some time to look at our website and see what the current state of microcogeneration is - and equally important… what it is not. We are constantly updating our site for the latest information on small scale cogeneration technology… and by all means if there is something you want to share please feel free to do so at the contact page.

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  • School districts, energy organizations, and general interest groups who want to understand how microcogen will aid them in saving money and energy.

  • Manufacturer’s Representatives that want to see if this technology is right to add to their portfolio of companies that they represent.
  • Foreign companies who have a product or are developing a product to introduce into the North American energy marketplace.

  • US or Canadian companies that would want to do the same - understand the markets in order to bring a product forward.

Who We Work With:

Mission Statement

MicroCogen Partners LLC is focused on the promotion and enhancement of small scale cogeneration... A technology that is highly efficient, adaptable, low in emissions, and integral to the future energy mix in this country and the world.

​A Consultancy to Small Scale
​Cogeneration Markets

"When faced with steamrolling technology, you either become part of the technology or part of the road"

- Lowell Bryan

  • Utility companies (both gas and electric, public and private) who are trying to understand the technology and what it can do for their companies and rate-payers.

  • Governmental organizations (state, federal, or local) that are interested in this technology and how it can help reduce greenhouse emissions and improve energy efficiency in their districts.

  • ESCO’s (Energy Service/Supply Organizations). Does it pay to add microCHP to your portfolio of technologies to supply power to your customers? We can help you with that decision.