University of Wisconsin (Madison), BS in Mechanical Engineering (internal combustion engine specialty.)

Military Service

US Marine Corps, Separated as a Captain, honorably discharged.

"When faced with steamrolling technology, you either become part of the technology or part of the road"

- Lowell Bryan

​A Consultancy to Small Scale
​Cogeneration Markets

Background and Biography of Mike Cocking

Work History

  • Sales and Application engineer for Bruel & Kjaer Instruments--- Sound and Vibration applications.
  • Sales Manager for a family owned machine shop in Brookfield, WI. Became co-owner when the family sold the business. As co-owner was involved in all facets of the business as it grew and expanded.
  • Business was sold to HyPro Inc., Waterford, WI, and became the Sales and Marketing manager in Contract Manufacturing.
  • HyPro Inc. purchased the Marathon Engine (unique specialty engine) from Briggs & Stratton Corp. and formed Marathon Engine Systems (1998.)
  • Moved to Marathon Engine Systems (2002) and became the Sales and Marketing manager. Later became General Manager.
    •  Marathon’s original focus was to use the long life specialty engine in various remote power applications for which it was well suited because of its 4000 hour service interval.
    • The Marathon 5K™ long life engine became the power source for the ecopower™ microcogeneration appliance manufactured and sold by ecopower AG based in Switzerland.
    • Marathon purchased the manufacturing and marketing rights to the ecopower™ appliance throughout the world (except for Europe) when the original founding company went out of business (2003).
    • Marathon developed the ecopower™ cogen appliance for the North American market and received UL 1741 certification (2007) as well as the EPA’s Emerging Technology award (2011-12).
    • Marathon’s partner company in Europe was PowerPlus Technologies, a division of the Vaillant Group.
    • Marathon has sold and marketed the ecopower™ appliance since 2008.
  • Retired from Marathon Engine Systems in March of 2012 and started MicroCogen Partners LLC.

Affiliations and Relationships

  • Member of the ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning Engineers) Working Group SP 204 on microcogeneration.
  • Member of the Society of Professional Engineers.
  • Member of the Northeast Clean Heat and Power Initiative (NECHPI). Former Executive Committee and Head of the Microcogeneration Subcommittee.
  • Contributor to the Energy Solutions Center Technology Assessment Fora and various Consortia groups.
  • A contributor to DELTA-EE the decentralized energy research specialists, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Presenter to the USCHPA (United States Clean Heat & Power Association) on microcogeneration.

Author of various articles, presentations, and discussions on microcogeneration and distributed energy.